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[sharechat] Tech Stocks??

From: "Kelvin Worsfold" <>
Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2000 22:12:04 +1300

I have a mixed portfolio but have increased my weighting in IT stocks as I
try to juggle what may be a winner for future increases, as at this stage I
need a risk exposure to bring me to the financial position I need. I also
appreciate with any risk it could all be downside. I would class myself as a
long term holder and maybe I am the only holder playing around in the so
called traders domain. Sorry this question is for long term holders with IT
stocks. (if there is any) List the IT stocks you favour most for the long
hall in order of preference. Mine are ITC,SMR,EPH,RVS,SPE,NGL. (AQL will
hopefully slip into no.2 slot ,but too early to tell.My thoughts are at
least three or more of these stocks will survive ,but which ones?

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