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[sharechat] offers free stock quotes & -Don't go there -Reply

From: Harley D Betts <>
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1999 09:09:26 +1200

Ouch, alright.  I think a few people may have already mentioned - you need to register but you don't get hassled
for anything once you're on and they give you live quotes from the ASX
free of charge.  Well it's free for the time being anyway...

Someone asked after the best picks for the new year... I still think
Tourism Holdings have a way to go before they level off, and NZOG
could be worth a look too if you're into the oil scene - even if their
(potentially huge) oil/gas plays don't bear fruit they have a good
production base and the high crude price will guarantee a good profit for
them in the current year.  I'm taking a punt on the Oct 2001 options, they
could do well in the lead up to the results from the west maui drilling in
Feb.  What about PDL (out of favour, have had a difficult couple of years
but are now recovering strongly) and CDI (high div yield & they've been
busy picking up more land cheaply while the property market has

Of course I'm deliberately avoiding the techs - when the Dow/NASDAQ
eventually take a reality check (early next year??) I think the techs and
telcos will be hit for six, but the few I've mentioned above I expect
wouldn't be hurt too much.

Does anyone have some picks for the aussie market for next year?  I'm
going for Atlas Pacific (Aussie incorporated Indonesian pearl farming
operation, forecast earnings for two years out would put them on a p/e
of 1.5 at the current price), Data#3 (this is sort of "IT", but unlike most
they have a reliable and growing revenue stream and a number of large
customers (eg Telstra) on their books) - the price has been falling
recently probably out of fear over the Y2K thing - a good time to get in
methinks.  Also Abigroup (construction firm, current share price less
than the value of their cash and investment holdings, never mind their
growing construction operations which put them on a p/e of 6-7 (as far
as I remember).

Any more?  I'm sure there are plenty.

Merry Xmas to all....  

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