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All articles from 15 December 2000

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Lion sticks with original Montana price

Seafresh sinks into the red

Special Report: Rumble In The Mobile Jungle - Telecom vs Vodafone

E-Phone loses $3M in six months

The Shoeshine Column: THE ENVELOPE PLEASE ... Shoeshine hands over the gongs

The Week in Review

Viking rises despite dollar

Tracking the Trends

Technically Speaking: Queasy investors stay guarded as tech wreck keeps on going

The O'Brien Column: Would the last Kiwi firm to leave for Oz please turn out the lights

Of Bulls & Bears

Market barometer: Watch for substantially weaker US dollar

Fletcher Forests not basket case despite woes


The bizarre love triangle over digital television

Hold those McCahons

Top five developers

The year of taking on the big guys

The end of the road

New listings navigate Nasdaq tech wrecks

Bottoms up for South Island

Focus shifts to the top line

For some it was the year of the big OE

It's been a boomer of a year for the inquiry industry

Government wields big stick to deal to power but treads softly on phones

US economic miracle dominated ups and downs of global markets

Labour commits to free trade with Singapore deal

Labour battles to keep business on side

Prominent New Zealanders commemorated

What the courts have been thinking about

Some Maori get a grip - but not all

Controversial comings and goings

IT pioneer lived life with passion

Rubicon will rule on major Forests stake

(John) Michael Robson

INL replaces long-time leader

No. 8 takes 'ocoloco' software stake

Tower Trust under attack from angry bondholders