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[sharechat] risk vs return reply to Matt&Vanessa by Macdunk

From: "Duncan MacGregor" <>
Date: Thu, 10 Jun 2004 13:36:02 +1200

HI matt& Vanessa.
                               Five bolters from my chaos theory of share picking.    Perhaps if I tell you
what I hold and why, and what I expect to happen you might realise the logic of my madness
I bought HQP because the assets they were selling far out weighed the cost, and they were
moving into a business with a great cash flow.      I am closing in on doubling my money on that.
POT is the best run port in nz great potential will buy more.   PWC well run company nearly
fully priced but am waiting to see what happens with take overs etc before selling.
The future according to macdunk reads this way .    Farming on the rise PGG for me WRI
will take a dive they are run by a bunch of wallies.   Forestry will make a come back but
I covered that with POT the logging companies require to sort themselves out before I
would take an interest.    Retail I will give a miss times will be tougher for that sector.
The banks will get hit with mortgagee sales as interest rates rise and building will slow right down.
China looms large on the horizon with free trade which means bankruptsy for small Industry and
and a boost for farming and forestry .   The $2 shop would be what I would buy shares In .
Times are changing I am doing my home work nothing lasts for ever keep moving on.
                                                          cheers macdunk

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