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[sharechat] PNA and the Terror Factor

From: "Lazy Haggis" <>
Date: Sun, 06 Jun 2004 19:17:01 +0000

There's good article by David Chapman on the website 321gold titled "The 
Terror Factor" dated 7 June 2004. It's worth a read to keep your mind open 
to the various factors which will affect the price of gold, and hence all 
quality stocks like PNA.

The vast majority of people (positive and negative) invariably project PNA's 
share price into the future based solely on fundamental and/or technical 
analysis. Don't forget the terror factor, as it may have a much greater 
significance over next 3 years. We are clearly building up to serious 
trouble in the Middle East (Iraq, Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia) which will 
have an explosive effect on oil and gold prices. The likelihood of a major 
USA conflict in the Middle East involving nuclear weapons is very real, 
especially with countries like Iran continuing to produce enriched uranium 
in a clandestine manner, and key oil supplies being controlled by Iraq and 
Saudi Arabia.

The whole gold/oil picture is likely to become more volatile, giving the 
appearance at times of a downward drift in gold (and oil) causing further 
corrections in gold stocks like PNA, which may cause it to drift towards the 
13.5 cent mark (but don't bank on it) before surging strongly upwards 
through the 18.5 cent barrier and way beyond as the terror rampage hits 

These downward drifts will be an excellent time to buy PNA shares, as the 
stock is clearly in a long term bull run, with some brilliant fundamentals 
supporting its rise to fame also. Over the equivalent period of time, PNA 
looks likely to outperform OXR by a significant margin.

Lazy Haggis,
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