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[sharechat] Go for gold, real gold that is.

From: "Lazy Haggis" <>
Date: Sat, 29 May 2004 00:06:19 +0000

Some interesting points raised on Jim Sinclair's site on 
Friday May 28 at 6.23pm EST titled Jim's Mail Box. Worth a read as he 
alludes to pending nuclear attacks by terrorists. Don't ask me about the 
aftermath as I have no idea, but the before math (haggis humour) tells me 
that all charts will show spikes and trends upwards for all gold shares as 
well as bullion. Nobody really likes to talk about nuclear conflict being 
round the corner, but I think it's much closer than we all realise. The 
thought of watching your bottom lip (for the lucky ones that is) dripping 
like candle wax into your corn flakes isn't that nice, so we all tend to 
turn a blind eye to these things. This time I think you should wake up and 
think about it.

PNA is my pick of the decade (at the moment) and yes there are heaps of 
other good goldies to pick from, so I'll leave it at that. Don't want to be 
at the end of a battering ram, thanks, but here's my opinion for what it's 

The USA invaded Iraq for oil, nothing more, nothing less. The USA wants 
conflict and more of it in the Middle East, hoping it will lead to nuclear 
conflict. The abuse of Iraqi prisoners is all part of that strategy. The USA 
intends to nuke Iran and  Syria, but Saudi Arabia will surrender. The USA 
does not have the available foot soldiers for any other kind of winning 
military attack. The USA will control and administer the Middle East oil. 
The USA will openly state to the world that they are the only power that 
needs nuclear weapons to maintain peace on the planet. The USA and China 
will end up with various nuclear exchanges. The USA will win. Most other 
countries will surrender and/or disarm all nuclear weapons. Millions will 
die and millions will survive. Gold will soar, as will gold shares, 
especially in Australia. Peace be with you.

Lazy Haggis,
The Mumbo Jumbo Filter.

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