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[sharechat] PNA looks towards nuclear energy!

From: "Lazy Haggis" <>
Date: Thu, 27 May 2004 19:08:34 +0000

Nuclear is a very popular subject today, whether it's a pending war between 
superpowers like the USA and China, or building clean green nuclear power 
stations for long term sustainable energy. It's the talk of the town in many 
places all over the world.

How on earth does this affect Australia's PNA (Pan Australian Resources) an 
upcoming quality copper/gold mining junior? Then look up, look through the 
white clouds and blue sky, look towards the greatest nuclear explosion in 
our solar system - our Sun. Thank goodness for nuclear explosions and 
nuclear energy. Without their life giving qualities, none of us would be 
around to discuss PNA.

With PNA's brilliant fundamentals, excellent ASX announcements so far with 
plenty more to come, classic technical "buy now" charts, gold nearing the 
$400 US mark once again, copper turning around north bound, and all the 
other ingredients for gold to start soaring falling into place like a 
clockwork jigsaw, then just look up, because that's where PNA's share price 
is heading. I firmly believe that PNA will be one of Australia's top 10 
performing stocks this decade.

I suggested at 16 cents that PNA probably wouldn't fall too much more, and 
now a few days later at 17.5 cents (up nearly 10%) PNA looks like it could 
hit the Sun, never mind the blue sky clouds. Check out the facts first 
yourself of course, but hey people, isn't this what golden opportunities are 
all about? This is classic stuff.

I love nuclear - boom, boom my amigos.

Lazy Haggis
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