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[sharechat] Triple your money with GPG

From: "John Loveridge" <>
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2004 10:56:57 +1200

One of the share groups I'm in has almost tripled its money via GPG bought
in 1998.

Boring trading share I realise, as there are enumerable other buy and Hold
shares out there that would have similar stats, yet I feel momentum is
building internationally, specifically UK where GPG is being talked about
alot more than when our share group bought, the 5000 shs was the only trade
in the first 2 weeks of Feb 1998 on the LSE. we cannot complain about
returns, and I sure don't mind paying messrs Weiss et al a pretty penny
when shareholder value gets the below treatment.

5000 @ 48 p = $2400 pounds  -  1998
9018 @ 77.5 =  $7000 pounds - 2004
Possible Future value:
10000 @ 2.30 =  $23,000   - 2004
16105 @ 4.00 =  $64.420   - 2009


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