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Re: [sharechat] Reply to PC (Pete) Re: RMI and RMIO.

From: "PC" <>
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2004 23:22:54 +1200

Hi Lazy Haggis :)

Many thanks for helpful reply.
1. I only asked about the web site so I can do a bit of research,
doesn't matter to me if they have one or not.

2. When I read on the RMI Offer I did not realise that it was a 1:10 rights
offer.  To me (being new to this game) it looked like they were to issue the
shares at 0.0025c to any one who wanted them.  I will need to read it all a
third time ... where does it mention about a 1:10 rights issue ... sorry to
ask a dumb question.


<Lazy Haggis wrote>
Why would the head shares RMI automatically drop to 0.0025c? The dilution
effect depends on the prevailing market mood at the time of going ex, the
number of shares on issue, and the terms of the rights issue itself. Without
going into any great detail, RMI already has over 1.2 billion shares on
issue and the current 1:10 rights issue plus private placement should not
drag the SP down to 0.0025. Depending the on market volume psychology mood
at the time, coupled with the effect of RMI's recent high grade discovery
announcement, the SP could increase. Yesterday it went up from 0.006 to

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