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[sharechat] Reply to PC (Pete) Re: RMI and RMIO.

From: "Lazy Haggis" <>
Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2004 21:14:21 +0000


Perhaps I can add a comment or two regarding RMI and RMIO. It's a high risk 
punt, so keep that in mind if you're considering taking a plunge. The higher 
the risk, the higher the rewards.

1) If you have concerns regarding discrepancies in the company's 
documentation then you should really direct such questions to the company 
itself and/or the company's share registry. It's not uncommon to have 
typing/anomalies. Contact details are available for both at the ASX website.

2) Why would the head shares RMI automatically drop to 0.0025c? The dilution 
effect depends on the prevailing market mood at the time of going ex, the 
number of shares on issue, and the terms of the rights issue itself. Without 
going into any great detail, RMI already has over 1.2 billion shares on 
issue and the current 1:10 rights issue plus private placement should not 
drag the SP down to 0.0025. Depending the on market volume psychology mood 
at the time, coupled with the effect of RMI's recent high grade discovery 
announcement, the SP could increase. Yesterday it went up from 0.006 to 

3) I don't think the company has an online website. Many companies don't. If 
that concerns you, then look for high risk companies that have websites. 
Shouldn't affect the SP either way, but peace of mind is important as well.

4) Yesterday the RMIO did drop to 0.001 and I think you will find from my 
post yesterday and Brenda's earlier post that RMIO were a good high risk 
punt. Don't you think 0.001 is good high risk buying? The chance of a quick 
100% or more profit if RMI hits some good discoveries/upgrades over the 
coming 2 years is very much on the cards.

5) "Can you please tell me what makes RMI look like a good share to you? ".
I don't think RMI looks like a good share, but I think RMI and mainly RMIO 
(and I'm sure Brenda will agree) look like good high risk punts.

Hope the above helps.

Lazy Haggis,
The Mumbo Jumbo Filter.

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