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Re: [sharechat] ASX: MAC for Woody Reply

From: "Woody" <>
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2004 23:55:45 +1000

Thanks Cris just perfect.
How many shares issued and who has the most is the only other . Thanks for the trouble.
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Sent: Monday, March 29, 2004 2:13 PM
Subject: Re: [sharechat] ASX: MAC for Woody

Hi Woody,
Haven't dug too deep. Not sure what your interest is, but this one is certainly different from anything I've viewed before.
First Impressions: Not at all sure why they've decided to pay a dividend - seems odd. Would have preferred far more detail in their accounts which makes me suspicious.
The following represents the notes I take whilst I'm reading, plus a couple of recent announcements.
How deep did you want me to go?
ASX: MAC - Macro Corporation Limited (Ocean Spirit Cruises)
ASX Release 10.2.04 - Full Year Financials to 31.12.2003
Revenue up 1.6% to $7,880,000 ($7,758K previous corresponding period)
Expenses down a little $7,509,000 ($7,606,000 previous corresponding period)
Borrowing Costs up a little - $227,000 ($208,000 previous corresponding period)
Gross Profit - $150,000
Net profit - $150,000 (loss of $56K recorded for previous corresponding period)
Basic Earnings per share - .0016 (.0006 previous corresponding period)
Diluted earnings per share - .0016 (.00006 previous corresponding period)
Final Dividend - .0016 cent (30% franked) - Record date for determing entitlement was 23 March 2004
Prepayments & Deposits - down a little?
Total Current Liabilities up - $965,000
Total Non-Current Liabilities - $2,780,000
Tax Deferred Assets - $665,000 ($678K previous corresponding period)
Net Assets - $10,282,000
Accumulated Losses - $4,841,000
Cash Flows - payments to suppliers & employees down a little from corresponding period
Cash Position - $3,146,000 ($2,739 previous corresp period) - $879,000 + $2,267,000 in 'deposits at call'
Net Operating Cash Flows - $702K
Net Investing Cash Flows - Negative (-$142K)
Cash Flows from financing activties - Negative (-$153K)
NB No details provided to enable deeper assessment of incoming/outgoing.
ASX Release 19.1.04
Macro subsidiary Ocean Spirit (Mlbourne) Pty Ltd completed acquisition of Whitsundays based businesses - Oceania Dive and Pro Dive Whitsunday
ASX Release 15.1.04
Four contracts for the purchase of Oceania Dive and Pro Dive Whitsunday - total consideration - $4.85M - includes;
1) purchase of freehold land at Sute Harbour Rd, Jubilee Park (Dive Training Centre) owned by Gainroyal Pty Ltd
2) Purchase of strata title retail shop being part of Harry Muller House at cnr Shute Harbour Rd &Broadwater Ave, Airlie Beach (Dive equipment shop and booking centre) owned by Havenbay Pty Ltd
3) Purchase of commercial building in Blue Bay Industrial Estate, Cannonvale (Commercial building) owned by Pty Ltd; and Havenbay
4) Purchase of the businesses Oceania Dive and Pro Dive Whitsunday owned by Havenbay Pty Ltd
Businesses will continue to use current names and continue to provide scuba dive training to prof standards & day and overnight reef diving expeditions. Ocean Spirit Pty Ltd presently operates a reef cruise business out of Cairns with dive training and reef diving packages available as part of the cruise.

NAME                                           NUMBER      %

Entrepreneur Development Capital Pty Ltd     61,217,406    66.41
Southern Nominees (Tempatan) Sdn Bhd  11,078,550    12.02
Dr Salim Cassim                                    2,288,100     2.48
Baharum Mohd Amin                                  1,400,000     1.52
Abu Bakar Ismail                                       1,364,826     1.48
Fazmin HJ Talib                                    1,259,500     1.37
Ng Leong Sing                                      1,236,451     1.34
Lee Choong Lim                                     1,236,450     1.34
Blackmort Nominees Pty Ltd                           810,000     0.88
Mohd Annuar Maustafa                                 740,000     0.80
Frank Romanin                                        724,843     0.79
Rodger Fernandez                                     606,500     0.66
Citicorp Nominees Pty Ltd                            442,500     0.48
Lawrence Charles Stapleton                           430,000     0.47
Ian James Cameron                                    421,300     0.46
Jit Hwa Low                                          350,000     0.38
Cimsec Nominees Sdn Bhd                              291,000     0.32
Bernadette Rankine                                   279,250     0.30
Janice Mary Gerkens                                  276,965     0.30
Mei Hsiu Chen                                        255,000     0.28

TOTAL                                             86,708,641    94.08
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Sent: Monday, March 29, 2004 12:38 PM
Subject: RE: [sharechat] Cris' Current Watch List & CBD - CBD Energy From Woody


Could you please do a checkup ( your usual indepth look ) at an Aussie company called Macro corporation


Love ye! Woody




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