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[sharechat] Guess I'll hang around a bit longer

From: "Cristine Kerr" <>
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 2004 07:40:10 +1000

To everyone who has asked me to continue to post - a very warm and sincere thank you.
I have already sent some direct 'thank you's but hope you don't mind if I thank you all now ... collectively.
There have been many, many times when I've felt like I'm sending my words off into some space/time continuum, never to be seen or heard from again. My posts started to lose purpose for me, and I'm not a person who gains satisfaction from doing things that seem to have no purpose.
I have received so many lovely emails - many from those I did not even know existed before now and you have restored my sense of purpose. (I should do this more often - just joking).
Apparently, sharechat has a number of members who read but don't post, perhaps for fear of being ridiculed. I can certainly understand why a newcomer would not want to draw a 'shoot first, ask questions later' kind of attention to themselves.
The atmosphere on the surface of sharechat may be a little cool at times but I can assure all there is a deeper atmosphere that is much warmer. So, to all those out there who would like to join in, why not test the water sometime soon?
Woody, I've been feeling a little under the weather and am thankful, as always, for your input. Deflecting the occasional heat so I can relax in the shade for a while - just what we all need at times.
Philip, I have always enjoyed the format of this forum. You have reason to be proud of what you have created here. Thank you for helping me, and others feel welcome.
What can I say Macdunk? Because I have respect for your TA skills, your post was well-received.
Karyn, I have explained why I decided not to continue to post. It had nothing to do with your email (well, maybe just a little - perhaps only as one of the 'straws') BUT you obviously have a lot to offer and I would hate to think my actions have influenced your contribution in any way. I do hope you continue to post.
On the lighter side ... To the sharemarket, you are at times a mysterious, illogical creature and when you're not maintaining a positive pace, those who watch you get a little bored, edgy, and enjoy a debate. That's okay, but we need you to be a little more exciting and rewarding in the future, to keep the atmosphere more positive, OK?
To clear the air whilst I have this opportunity:- For the inexperienced, it is important to understand we are all individual investors/traders, not investment advisors, and we cannot provide advice or recommendations for buy or sell decisions that may result in your personal gains or losses. This is never the intention of posts regarding specific stocks.
I have found some 'gems' with high growth potential (for patient holds over longer terms) and I'm happy to share that info but my personal opinion is just that and it has resulted in my own personal wins and losses.
Also, my 'watch list' changes regularly. That means a stock I may have discussed some time ago may now be off my radar. If it is changing for the worse, I may not even be aware of it.
So ... because I do care what happens to you all (and don't want to be responsible for anyone's misfortune) please, please, at all times, follow a defined trading strategy that is suited to your own risk profile, view my posts as info only and do your own research, maintain your own vigilance, and have an entry strategy and exit strategy in place that is not reliant on info from me.
So, if it's still okay with everyone, I guess I'll hang around for a bit longer.


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