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[sharechat] To all Kiwis and Aussies

From: "Allan Potts" <>
Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2004 18:41:59 -0500 (EST)

Hi all,

Coming from me, (a natural pessimist) who took years to learn that the end of 
the world was not upon us and finally stopped shorting the markets and buying 
puts, this should mean something.

This week has been the gloomiest I've seen ever and I mean ever since I can 

                    please scroll down

           ---- O N   S H A R E C H A T ----!!! 

Since it's summertime south of the equator, I suggest you all go out and buy a 
nice bottle of wine, some good blue cheese or cheddar and some fresh fruit, sit 
down and relax.  Contemplate all those people at the beach, flying or sailing 
somewhere on holiday, enjoying the mountains or skiing somewhere, even go join 
them.  Then watch the news in the evening and if that starts to make you 
depressed, remember that all those bad things Reported  represent about 1 in 
30,000,000 people -- IF THAT!!!  Then go back to your wine and cheese and think 
of all the parties being enjoyed, family outings and gatherings occurring, 
people being kind to one another and if you're of a mind to say a prayer of 

We've had many posts this week about the financial disaster in the U.S. and the 
possibility of Marshall law.  Let me tell you that around 1982 to 1986 we were 
in even greater financial trouble.  Our financial system was indeed nearing a 
collapse.  Our Savings and Loans were going broke and taking many individuals 
and businesses with them monthly.  Our banks were so overexposed to 3rd world 
loans that it threatened to not only destroy our banking system but pretty much 
the wold worlds' as well.  But alas, we're still here and overall the people 
from poor to rich have it much better than then.  Oh yes, we'll have  pain and  
problems - count on it -, but don't short the US just yet or our civilization.

Now go ahead and open that second  bottle of wine and write some nice posts for 
next week.  Be realistic about bad things and good things as well.


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