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Re: [sharechat] Marshall Law in the USA?

From: "Richard Hooper" <>
Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2004 21:05:21 +1300 (New Zealand Daylight Time)

Very true
I think the world will never experience the type of warfare as in WW1 and WW2 for a long time to come . I think WW3 is already in progress. There are no bounbaries in this war. It is fought by terrorism, in cyberspace and financial markets etc. USA is receiving the blunt of this. eg cold snap in New York the Americians are being screwed by the oil cartel for their heating fuel + more Americians being killed around the world since Iraq invasion than during the Iraq invasion + more to come I think.
-------Original Message-------
Date: Thursday, 29 January 2004 11:39:04
Subject: [sharechat] Marshall Law in the USA?
I think we'd all be fools to assume that the world is heading into a happier
and stable place. Within this decade we will all witness further major
terrorist atrocities, including such acts on the USA mainland.

The fact that the USA economy is clearly in a mess, and is technically
bankrupt, will ultimately lead to a major fall in the US dollar and
corresponding rise in the price of gold. When this event occurs it's
unlikely to lead to Marshall Law being imposed on the streets of the USA.

However, once terrorism takes on a significant new foothold in the USA (not
if, but when) the possibility of imposing Marshall Law is very real. Global
terrorism will also push up the price of gold.

Numerous other factors (Chinese buying for example) will also push up the
price of gold.

What's there to look forward to this decade? A significant increase in the
price of gold and even more significant increases in the value of resource
stocks, the possibility of Marshall Law in the USA being declared, and the
possibility of not too many safe places to travel to spend your wealth.

However, Australia and New Zealand are more likely to remain some of the
better places regardless.

Have a great day everyone.
Lazy Haggis

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