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[sharechat] Marshall Law in the U.S.

From: "Allan Potts" <>
Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2004 15:15:49 -0500 (EST)

Nice post Gav, made a great deal of sense.  I've sent an original   post here 
because I've found out when I hit the reply it goes out all squished together 
and is very difficult to read.  Thanks to Robin Benson for the heads up.  He 
also tried to help me fix it, but evidently it can't be done on excite.

Two points to clarify in you post Gav.

1.  Habeas corpus does not refer to martial law, but an order to the government 
to "produce the body",  that is the authorities cannot just throw you in jail 
forever without bringing charges.  If this is attempted you attorney would 
bring a writ of habeas corpus and force the authorities to produce you and 
charge you with whatever they are going to in a court of law.

2.  Your are correct in saying that our individual States control their own 
National Guards, to a point.  The President does have the  power to Nationalize 
an individual States national guard and make them part of the national regular 
army.  This is being done in Iraq right now and explains why we have so many 
lawyers, doctors, clerks,  painters etc. missing from their normal domestic 

A NOTE:  Saw the warning about including attachments to e-mails.  In the case 
of my e-mail entitled  "Distorted or was it Misleading Hit piece on George W 
there really was no attachment even though one was indicated.  Since my reply 
button jumbles things up so much I copied the misleading diatribe into a hot 
mail folder so I could answer each allegation in order.  It is safe to read it, 
I guarantee that to you.  If you would like, go to the website and view it -- I 
believe it has much good information and tookl me three hours to put it 

Cheers all.


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