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[sharechat] Dogs and more dogs by macdunk

From: "Duncan MacGregor" <>
Date: Mon, 22 Dec 2003 15:59:33 +1300

It seems lots of people get a fixation Investing In companies that are complete and utter dogs.  They make all sorts of excuses for the complete stupid decisions, and rave on In endless discussion Instead of saying I was wrong to hell with It, I wont be that silly again.        Lets take a quick glance at the other channel.   RBD has had more ranting and raving than any other company.
Its a bloody dog, that sold Its kennel.       When It gets put down nothing Is left to sell.     FFS now there we have a real woofer. every decision they ever made Is wrong.    What about CER? .    The management pay check, the losses ,    It seems a high dividend can help disguise a bit of trough feeding at the top.       WRI are getting closer to the kennel club .Worth watching..     What did old macdunk rave on about this year?   but most of It went without comment.
POA I raved on about that made 30pc Was told the pe was to high sold at $8.10
PWC bought at $1.30 told all the chatters to buy nearly $2.00 now plus a nice divi       there Is one to rave about and still Is.
HQP another rave of mine still Is bought at .61c this is still trending up.      now .90c 
AIA Bought at $5 10 will sell In march at $7. ? .was told the pe was miles to high fooey.
Lets not hear any more rubbish about dogs, when companies are run by Idiots and greedies they give you so many Indications of what Is going on that only the complete gullable will fall for the crap
The year 2004 will be a good year lets get  positive Input
Dogs lets forget them lets concentrate on the good honest companies that are on the way up not the rotten and sometimes greedy dogs that only want to bleed the Investors.  I would like to say thanks to the chatters that Influenced me most this year.
Good old SNOOPY right or wrong he sticks to his guns, and what about PHEADRUS always ready to produce his super charts on request.  Then we can never forget GERRY who comes up with numerous posts well worth reading.  Lots of other posters have helped old macdunk have a successfull 2003 for which I say thanks.  I still consider myself  a novice that Is very good at reading between the lines.  Giving view points out right or wrong Its the best way to Improve by opening yourself up to debate.              [give me heaps guys I thrive on It].
          Have a merry and prosperous festive break 
              cheers macdunk.

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