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Re: [sharechat] Advise please reply To Snoopy

From: "Woody" <>
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2003 10:38:27 +1000

Actually I it was Steamed Rice and Sweet Soy Sauce.

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Sent: Wednesday, December 10, 2003 10:13 AM
Subject: Re: [sharechat] Advise please reply

> Hi Woody and Ryan,
> >
> > In my opinion if you have $100,000. Keep it NZ.   $25,000 deposit on
> > rent producing property, Seek out Mortgagee reposession,
> > buy it ' Cash Positive '
> >
> > $25,000. Good quality shares.
> > $25,000 in Precious metals. Gold, Silver.
> > $10,000 Trading Portfolio US Stock Options. ( Plenty of Internet
> > training guides ) if ready I will give you a good Broker.
> >  $10,000 In the Bank
> > and $5,000 Forex trading Portfolio Very high risk but worth risking
> > $5,000.
> >
> I know that Woody and I have sparred in the recent past.   Now I'm not
> saying that I agree in detail with everything Woody says here, but
> actually I think he is talking quite a lot of sense.
> If you live in New Zealand, and you intend to spend your money in
> New Zealand, it does make sense  to have most of your invesments
> paying income in that currency.
> Property, bought wisely (not every property is overpriced in a bull
> property market) is a good anchor for a portfolio.  And a good way to
> check if the purchase is wise is to check out the rental yield.
> Personally I favour income shares to do this job.   But this is a
> New Zealand thing as in most countries the shares will not pay you an
> income that is high enough to anchor your portfolio with as good an
> income flow as property.    'Cash positive' is the key phrase, as Woody
> says.
> Shares have a long term record of outperforming every other class of
> investment.   So matching your core income producing assets with
> good quality Blue Chip style shares makes quite a bit of sense.
> I am not a precious metal fan myself, but one thing you can say about
> them is that they are often negatively correlated with other shares.  If
> you want to smooth out the returns in your portfolio this is no bad thing.
> $10,000 as cash in the bank is an excellent idea, as it means you have
> something on hand to take up those opportunities that Mr Market
> unexpectedly  throws  to you.
> That leaves you $15,000 for 'risky' investments.  Something that you
> can have a bit of a punt with, but a suitably small proportion that won't
> destroy you if make some bad calls.
> So well done Woody.   I may have to reassess my image of you as a
> wild trader who will think nothing of betting the farm before breakfast,
> betting the house at lunch time and gambling with the shirt on your
> back at dinner time  while surviving on a diet of white rice and baked
> beans ;-).
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