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[sharechat] reply to snoopy by macdunk

From: "Duncan MacGregor" <>
Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2003 19:07:15 +1200 (New Zealand Standard Time)

Hi snoopy.
                 It Is obvious we disagree on a few points, and since we both have made our share of posts on the forum lets keep It to what we have posted now that we can look back In hindsight.       Last Sept we both agreed that farmers were being hit hard, and I asked the question why you were holding wri and I had sold out I also pointed out that I bought more poa shares.
I also posted that I sold my kip shares because I thought I was falling In love with the bloody things and that they made me about 18pc over the previous couple of years.         Later on I posted that pwc was on a long downtrend and I was waiting to buy at the bottom.    I did that and am sitting on a good gain In share price and as you say what If Interest rates go up?
To that my comment would be a five min phone call and they are gone.      I don't take chances with my money as I proved on the forum when I was the only poster to say that tranzrail was a dead certainty and didn't buy.       We can all make mistakes but with the right buying and selling systems In place It Is almost risk free.      I made 30pc out of wri sold out and watched the share price stagnate for ten months that means I picked that one dead right.    I am not Interested In trying to beat what the bank pays If that was my ultimate goal I would give It all away.   I still think that property for the switched on Investor leaves shares for dead.   The reason I play the market Is for the challenge of doing something new that makes me think and If you think I will be happy with an 11pc gain then It Is obvious you don't know me.  The reason I said pwc was a better short term prospect than wri Is that most of there customers are not going broke like wri customers are.  The conclusion Is snoopy with hindsight I made my 20pc on poa after the wri sale and you are happy just to beat the bank.   Next time It might be your turn who knows I know Its fun competing so don't rubbish my system I learned some of It from you. 
 cheers macdunk 
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