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RE: [sharechat] carter holts problems

From: Tony de Bruyn <>
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2003 11:12:07 +1200

I was chatting to a CAH person the other day and understand that Canadian suppliers "set" the price of pine in the US market by collusion/coersion ... whatever. Anyone who wants to supply the US market has to beat that price in the first place.
Like all commodities, pine has a the same US$ price wherever it is produced and then it has to be transported so we in NZ have to make our money on the delivered price to the US market. Transport from Canada is cheaper than transport from NZ(I assume!). In other words, we have a location disadvantage and have to produce cheaper (waaaaay cheaper) just to make up the transport cost. Are we pushing s**t uphill???
Can we ever do this? I think not, so we have to beneficiate.
disc. still have some CAH and waiting to offload.
Warren would not be in forestry, not pine anyway.
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From: []On Behalf Of Duncan MacGregor
Sent: Sunday, July 20, 2003 11:56
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Subject: [sharechat] carter holts problems

seems like that I am on my own on this subject.  Forestry and farming tend to run In cycles.  The world forests are declining at an alarming rate at the same time as an Increase In volume of related goods Is required.  The end result Is a shortage of supply.   NZ may not have the best product to sell but It produces timber cheaper than most countries can match.  Volume of timber per annum per acre Is double what most other timber exporting countries achieve.  carter holt with there shaky labour relationships have now the perfect excuse to clean out the trouble spots.   I suspect there Is more to there 15pc reduction than most people realize.  All farm produce Is rock bottom at this moment, why should forestry be the exception.  The lower the expectation the more I will profit when It turns round as It will In the end. 
                 cheers  macdunk
disc nil
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