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[sharechat] Charts

From: Phaedrus <>
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2003 14:19:34 -0700 (PDT)

       I have posted literally hundreds of charts on ShareChat. If you look 
carefully, you will see that many feature "Buy" or "Sell" signals. It is a 
simple matter for you (or anyone else) to go back through these archived charts 
and see for yourself just exactly how accurate, useful or timely these signals 
turned out to be. The successes and failures are there for all to see. Whether 
I personally acted on any, all or none of these signals is irrelevant. Even in 
the absence of any signals I would claim that these charts are of some worth. I 
have, for example, advocated delaying buying many stocks on the basis of their 
being in a downtrend. TLS is a good example of this - the chart has been saying 
"don't buy" for 3 years now. 
 It may interest you to know that the charts you describe as being "too 
complicated" are criticised on the "other channel" as being too simple!!! The 
systems that you think are no good are seen there as being "too good" - "right 
every time" and therefore to be treated with great suspicion! Any stick is good 
enough eh?

 The charts that I post simply show in graphical form what the market thinks of 
a particular stock. My personal views are of no importance. What I do is 
immaterial. Ignore me - what I think or do doesn't matter. Concentrate on what 
the market is telling you. It is bigger than both of us - ignore it at your 

 You describe making money on the market as "easy and good fun". This has not 
been my experience. I enjoy trading but it took me many years of making 
mistakes and losses before my profits became big enough or consistent enough to 
quit my job. I still would not call it "easy". Perhaps you have not been 
through many stockmarket crashes. 

 It saddens me that you think my posts do more harm than good, and that I am 
driving people off. Let's hope not too many people think as you do.


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