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[sharechat] macdunk - learn to fish

From: "Chris Morgan" <>
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2003 10:05:59 +1200

Why are you obsessed with knowing what stocks Phaedrus trades ?, are you hoping for a feed from his line ?,  I think so. Cant you understand that his posts attempt to teach you to fish for yourself, in doing so you may fish whenever you desire without having to wait for the scraps off someones elses table.
In the last 2 years Phaedrus has provided me (both through and outside sharechat) with many valuable pointers and lots of direction in my decision to learn techncal analysis, not once during this time have I asked or has he offered any individual stock recomendations.
If you suspect there is a number of roads to heaven then get off your chuff and learn the methods of getting there instead of begging others to lead the way.
If a shareprice chart with a moving average is to complex for "mums and dads" to read then the market will gobble them up. Of course the buy and hold method was invented for these people.
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Sent: Wednesday, June 25, 2003 5:11 PM
Subject: [sharechat] whs and trend followers by macdunk

phaedrus and snoopy appear to be having a mind games with each other, so old macdunk will have his tuppence worth, and that Is probably all Its worth.   First up lets take snoopy, who I find to be open and honest about his successes, and failures. I have picked up some good Ideas and changed direction due to his posts.  He Is honest enough to share his failures which Is more to the point giving people like me a yardstick to work from.  Phaedrus Is something else I have leaned a lot from you as well phaedrus.   However I think you do more harm than good because of the fact you are trying to set your self up as an Intellectual with all the know how and never disclosing what shares you hold or sold. The mum and dads think Its all to complicated, and you are driving them off, when In actual fact It Is easy and good fun. Enough said what about me
I am a novice of four years 3 year average up 20pc+pa.  This year looks the same so far at this very moment I hold
AIA  BGR  POA  POT  PWC  so there It Is nothing to hide so phaedrus If you are smart and know so much show your hand.  I have said that before, and I suspect the answer will be the same,      I have picked up some pointers from you, and thank you for that.  If however you feel you cant do that, then at least be as big as snoopy, and give us your doggy tale of the century.
There are a number of roads to heaven, and I would hate to front up at the gates and find you were right and I was wrong so loosen up guys we cant be right all the time.
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