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[sharechat] lazy haggis view points by MACDUNK

From: "Duncan MacGregor" <>
Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2003 10:34:17 +1200 (New Zealand Standard Time)

Lazy haggis you are  an extremist.   I don't agree at all most of the time haggis, but at least you are interesting.  I am inclined to think you are a pessimist, or did you lose your bag of lollies at the cassino?.  I am not having a go, I would like to find out more.  In JAN you told us on the forum gold was the thing to buy, and gave out a list of recommended USA and AUSTRALIAN companies to buy into.   I was of the opinion it was rubbish, and posted that at the time.  I would like you to go over all your recommended companies, and let us know how silly I was for not rushing out and buying instead of doubling up my stake in POA.   IN other words Winners by how much, losers losers by how much, and a percentage either way result. That is the trouble with predictions, you should never make them if you are thin skinned.  I feel sure you are like me in one sense you can handle a bit of stick. My own extreme view point is BUSH will send the yanks broke, and CHINA will be the next big player to rise up and take the stage. 
                                      CHEERS  MACDUNK. 
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