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Re: [sharechat] Gooner

From: "gooner" <>
Date: Sun, 13 Apr 2003 19:58:09 +1200


Thanks for the reply.  I had some trouble sending this email off due to
problems at sharechat.  I have heard the tank cannon story now.  You must
remember, most of us live in NZ.  It takes a while to get here sometimes!

As for the rest, let's leave it to another day - wrong forum.  Suffice to
say at this stage that as much as you may have laughed at my suggestion CNN
was biased, I too chuckled at your suggestion that USA was defending itself.
The measure of Iraq's resistance should show that they surely weren't a
serious threat?


----- Original Message -----
From: "Allan Potts" <>
To: <>
Sent: Sunday, April 13, 2003 7:08 PM
Subject: RE: [sharechat] Gooner

> Hi Gooner,
> I don't know that we were imposing freedom from outside.  What we were
doing was defending ourselves against a very dangerous enemy that was on the
verge of obtaining atomic weapons and curretly financing terrorists which
would shortly be attacking us.  The freedom the Iraqi's will eventually
enjoy was a bonus benefit of this self defense activity.  Just because we
dubbed it Operation Iraqi Freedom does not mean that this was the primary
> CNN -- a puppet of the American Government??????????????
> CNN is the baby of Ted "the red" (Ted Turner)  Very anti-Bush,
anti-administration, very left and at sometimes anti-American.  I actually
had an uncontrollable laugh when I read your statement.  CNN is notoriously
at odds with our government, at least any Republican administration.  He
called Ruppert Murdock a Nazi.
> I don't know what stations you have been watching, but I've seen thousands
of Iraqi's dancing in the streets, not just 300.  We've seen more than 300
celebrating right here in San Diego, since we have a rather large Iraqi
community.  Dearborn Michigan has even a larger one and more than 1,000
Iraqi's danced in the streets there.
> Al Jazeera is still broadcasting and has been.  It has also shown Iraqi's
dancing in the streets after the fall of Baghdad.  However, Al Jazeera
coverage was so anti-American prior to that time that Iraqi's chased their
reporters out of Basra, all the way to the Kuwaiti border, because of their
distorted coverage  prior to the fall of Baghdad.
> Lastly, your news is not only inacurate, but out of date.  It was first
thought that an American tank shot a Tank shell at Al Jazerra and killed and
injured some of their people.  Upon investigation, and after inspection it
was found that not only would a tank shell not have inflicted the damage
that was done, but that the tank cannon would have had to shoot around a
corner.  This is not just BS.
> Our Iraqi's here in San Diego are very happy, although we did have a very
small demonstration on the other side yesterday.  It was truly small.  Our
locals, which are legion are celebrating.  Let's give this a couple of
months and revisit the topic.
> Regards,
> Allan
>  --- On Fri 04/11, gooner  wrote:
> From: gooner [mailto:]
> To:
> Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2003 19:58:20 +1200
> Subject: [sharechat]
> Allan<br><br>I have no dispute with freedom, in fact I am fully in favour
of liberty and<br>freedom.  I don't follow Superman's 'the American way'
after this however<br>(or was that truth, justice etc?).<br><br>I do,
however, loathe the thought of imposed freedom through force.  The<br>idea
of freedom through outside force is oxymoronic IMHO.<br><br>You are seeing
CNN pictures of 'free' Iraqi's.  I distrust CNN immensely.<br>They are just
a puppet of the US government.  Moreover, there are 5 million<br>people in
Baghdad, yet I saw only about 300 people on the TV.<br>There cannot be Al
Jazeera pictures because the yanks bombed their building.<br><br>If you
enjoy freedom of the press as much as you enjoy freedom of the
people<br>then you should denigrate that
act.<br><br>Cheers<br><br>Gooner<br>  <br>   Allan Potts writes:<br>  <br>
<br>    Hi all,<br>   <br>    FREEDOM IS VERY NEAR FOR IRAQ.  If you are
skeptical look at the<br>  pictures of Iraqi citizens dancing in the str
>  eets of Basra and Baghdad.<br>  Pictures of Iraqi's giving flowers to and
kissing coalition forces as<br>they<br>  enter their cities.<br>   <br>
The French and Germans are uncharacteristically silent --
notice<br>that.<br>  Oops, looks as if they (the coalition) were right all
along.  Let's be<br>  silent, and hope no one will notice.<br>   <br>
Freedom for Iraq,<br>   <br>   <br>    Allan<br>   <br>   <br>   <br>   <br>
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