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[sharechat] RMG Ltd

From: "Graham" <>
Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2003 14:07:03 -0800

I have been watching with interest what has been happening at RMG.There was
notice that all the options had been placed with Australian and New Zealand
institutions, it is then announced that Stiassney has 12 million options and
Ron Logan 2.5 million both of whom also have ordinary shares, which has to
be a good sign. It was also announced that Paul Cooney has resigned as a
director and has been reducing the number of shares he has in the company.It
has been reported that he has 69 million odd shares, he has been the
predominant vendor of recent share sales, is he about to exit the company
and leave a huge overhang of the shares? re the depressed share price.It is
also interesting that several have selected this company in the share
competitions. I am a shareholder in RMG, so lets hope that Ron and Michael
can do the job for us.It still seems to me that all is not well within the

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