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[sharechat] RBD - Not For Me!

From: "Wayne McDonald" <>
Date: Sat, 28 Dec 2002 22:56:23 +1300

Try before you buy - no doubt a sensible way to judge a potential
investment. Writing as a once RBD investor, and existing customer, there is
no longer anything to entice me to stump up some cash, and again become a
shareholder. Long term this business may be a target for an investor who can
add some value, for today however, it will only continue it's slide,
operating as it does.

Recent experiences include:
1. A no show. Explained to the operator that wouldn't listen, that our
street name had changed, however the new name was in the computer and she
was confident it would get here. No - it didn't. On phoning to check was
advised the order had been cancelled because they couldn't find the address.
They phoned us - no answer - funny - no message - and we were here to take
calls and clear messages while waiting for our Pizza. Never mind - they will
bring it and credit me for the order. Still waiting for the Pizza - will
check the Visa carefully, and the fish fingers and bluebird chips have gone
some way to filling the gap in the tummy.

2. Cold pizza? Saw the driver alight, and no carrier bag around the Pizzas -
cold? - you bet!

3. Peperroni Pizza - the one that used to be on the menu! Perhaps I was the
only guy that ordered it. They could still do it - the operator insisted. It
was a sad - and not even close immitation.

4. KFC free offer - well - kind of! The drink that was supposed to accompany
the KFC didn't. "I will bring it back" - never did.

5. KFC Highland Park. Unless it has improved in the last few months, since
the selling off of their real estate, it is not the sort of place I would
revisit. It was dirty, the staff were uninterested, and there was packaging
(bags etc) stacked around the walls in the kitchen. A stark contrast to
McDonalds across the road.

6. A client database? We used to order weekly, and despite this disappered
without a trace. How about following up customers that were once regular - a
retention strategy of sorts - you know? They once held our credit card
details to boot.

And not so recently:

7. Wrong order. "Have you eaten any?" No. "Well don't, we will take it back,
and bring your correct order". Never mind that we had ordered as we wanted
something to eat.

8. Double charging - an oldy, yet a goody. We kept getting double charged at
one of the stores. Hmmm - perhaps a control issue, or some sort of fraud?
The credit card company always sorted it out for us, thankfully.

And reported:

9. In the Herald of no cups, and no coffee at some Starbucks stores on

Keen to invest? Or place an order? No - really! Come on - why not?

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