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From: "G Stolwyk" <>
Date: Wed, 25 Dec 2002 19:50:42 +1300

Let me say now that I *mention* stocks. It is up to the reader to act or not. Obviously, nobody has to as the Disclaimer sets out.  So the onus is entirely on the reader. Some people shouldn't be in the Market anyway; they can't take the losses or alternatively put their house on the one stock. Also, I never tell holders for how long to hold or sell. That is up to them.
PTD went to $5.40 and people could have sold at $5+; if they didn't that is unfortunate but it will be their problem.
CLH went to $4.80 or so, the same applies here.
The controversial ASC went to 43 cents. People could have sold at 40 cents, but didn't.
There are of course some stocks which should have done better:
AUO: Originally very promising, still  60 cents in a deteriorating world economy. Re CLI, I am still waiting for a recovery, managed to lower the average price though.
PTD: stopped by J&J's tactics but negotiations are continuing.
That is life: the art is to weight stocks and always put in a small amount in a speculative stock. And if you can't afford it, leave the BIO stocks alone. 
Thus I weighted the LCO (PRKO) very, very heavily and they went up to $8.80 at one stage. And heavy weighting applied to old Baycorp (BCH) and a few others including SKC and AIA.
I have been abused when people lost money and even when the share price moved up -Somebody trying to short and failed; blamed me for "pushing" the share price. 
The three spec. stocks I am mainly interested in are VCR, LOK and NRT.
VCR had its ups and downs and it has taken a lot longer to get to the present stage than envisaged.
LOK, originally mentioned on Oct. 21, when it was 11 cents, is 23.6 cents (Nasdaq). Hasn't moved much in the last month and has a habit of moving with the Market. Waiting for the Dec quarterly report to appear on approx. Jan 25. I believe it could be positive.
NRT: On Dec 17, I mentioned this was bought on Oct. 2001 for $1.75. That was incorrect; I paid $1.75 on 1 Oct. 2002. Now $3.18 (Nasdaq).
This is the favourite  of all my stocks because of the understanding needed, the large number of prospective drugs being mentioned and the intellectual challenge of medical expressions being used.
It seems that they already have one winner in NV07A. Here is hoping that they can get a commercial agreement going in 2003.  This one could be valuable.
There is some unease amongst the Majors as a major Patent ( NRT's Promensil) is to arrive; it will result in them being called Infringers. There is quite a lot of cash at stake here, actually. Knowing J& J -see PTD- we may see some litigation as well, I think.... I believe the Patent has now suddenly arrived. What a Xmas present:
One large Leukaemia trial in progress since Nov 20 and in Jan. we shall have the most important Ovarian/Fallopian cancer trials. It is here where the big game will be played: Yale university takes over with dr Mor and dr Rutherford in charge.  Plenty of Announcements to come yet!
Hoping you will have a prosperous New Year.
Disclaimer: Outcomes can be different than envisaged. Readers are not asked to buy, hold or sell any of the mentioned stocks. To do so will be entirely at their own risk.


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