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[sharechat] The Pig and the Election

From: "The Flying Pig" <>
Date: Mon, 22 Jul 2002 09:10:48 +0000

The Pig has a uncompromising left trotter on a Labour/Greens coalition despite the genetically modified "Helengrad" and "Triffid's" rhetoric.

In my opinion Labour and National should would do well to combine under the NLP (National Labour Party). It would surely land a swift right hoof to the marsupial parties, deal to MMP and give us Porkers a jolly good lashing of euphoria. What Oinking fun if they did!!

All National has to do is change its party colours to BLACK and we would have the "Red and Blacks" the "CANTABLACKS!" And my Piglets, look how well they are doing against those carnivorous South African's! Surely Chris Laidlaw would be appeased then.

In exposing my Bacon, I have to admit I like Winnie's cheeky Smile (so rare for political piglets - he reminds me of an alligator I saw in Florida), Dunne's pragmatism (Yes we are oxymoron center left - or did I mean right?) and Prebble's 30 cent solution for criminals. (I think if we negotiated hard Richard - we could get the Dumdums down to 15c a piece and save $84,999.85 per HAMNUM on each euthanasied unit).

And what about Jim and Laila - hmmm - do you think they are kissing and not telling? I'm sure I spotted lopsided broom locker lipstick on Jim's collar. (Why do I associate these two with "Tales from the Muppet Crypt?")

Q. So where are you fellows laying your Ham this election? Who do YOU think is the best party for COMMERCE?

(A. The Bush party and Oil futures!)


P.S. HEY Helen! - the NLP was my idea okay "Babe" - like "Paintergate" was yours! Also - I am truly looking forward to English vs. Lewis (hit low Bill -for God's sake!).

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