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[sharechat] Worldcom

From: "Alan King" <>
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 19:31:55 +1200

What the Worldcom chart really shows is that the shonky practices were well known to many, but not all, long before the official announcement.
Since New Zealand led the World by some years in major corporate collapses, it would be interesting for Phaedrus to dredge up a few charts of our home grown disasters to check for similar patterns here.
Yes, the "dollar cost averagers" would have been hit hard again, once more demonstrating that this is not an appropriate method of purchasing individual shares. Rather observe the three principles of investing - never add to a mistake, never, never, never.
However, studies strongly support the contention that dollar cost averaging can be used to invest successfully in a broad based equities fund even though the results will not be spectacular.
Anyone investing in individual shares without paying due heed to both fundamentals and charts is asking for trouble. After all, when viewing a chart remember that a chart is simply a picture - worth a thousand words.
Alan King
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