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[sharechat] LTI series: List of International Web sites ( Upd. No. 9 )

From: "G Stolwyk" <>
Date: Sun, 23 Jun 2002 13:08:33 +1200

C: Company data / profiles. E: Education. E/T: Education Technical. F/T: Funds or Trusts. G: Government. SE: Stock Exchange. SH: Shareholders' association. SR: Share registrar. UK: British markets. US: US markets and Chat sites. AU: Australian markets and chat sites. NZ: NZ markets and chat sites. S: Special.
    < >   World's most powerful, ultra fast commercial search engine. ( Rec. by Stolwyk ).
    <  >   Currency conversions. ( Rec. by Stolwyk).
    < >   Gateway to international banking. Banks of the world and their web addresses. This includes:
    < >: Money Online: Discount Brokerage Service.( Rec. by Phil. Robinson ).
    < >    Historical Bull and Bear periods, market crashes, P/E ratios. ( Rec. by Stolwyk ).
    < > World Gold Council. Markets and Demand. ( Rec. by Stolwyk ).
    < > Gold trading and news. Discussion of other precious metals.
C: < > A massive world data base of some 350,000 company profiles and detailed analysis of over 20,000 companies and web sites. Com.: Some details of an analysis can be out of date: Check the relevant company's web site as well. ( Rec. by Rini H. ). 
C:  < > As above, the Australian version.
E:  FIG: Screening Criteria used when evaluating companies.
Fundamental investors need to read the August, 2001, progress report. 
E: < >  Click on " IBD learning centre ". A good site. Some care is needed when some companies are discussed. ( Rec. by D. O' Conner ). 
E: < >  This financial glossary has 5000 definitions and 15000 links between related terms. A 'must have' site! ( Rec. by Snoopy ).
E: < > Tutorials on basic concepts of investing, dictionary, practical tips. Good site! Rec. by Daniel
E: < > Site of ' The Motley Fool '. Investment strategies, tutorials, special high quality features. A very respected site! Rec. by B. Brakenridge. 
E: < > File name; " Economic Model V 16 ". PDF file. Philip Robinson strongly recommends this 33 page pdf called " The Mechanics of the Economic Model, ROIC, WACC, EVA, MVA and CAP defined".
E: < > Various programs and models used in valuation, capital budgeting, " optimal " capital structure and many other subjects. Including spreadsheets. Rec. by Philip Robinson. 
E: < >  An Australian discussion group answers frequently asked questions and discusses definitions > ( Rec. by Snoopy ).
E: < >                                                                                              
Instructions and spreadsheet ( MS Works and Excel ) for the calculation of Market Value of Securities, off-line.(Stolwyk). Also, a program:"" : Transactional calculations arising from buying and selling of shares. ( Kevin Barclay). Kevin offered this site free to the Forum and this gesture is appreciated! Kevin wrote the required programs for that web site. 
E: < > Discusses Science & Technology. Excellent site! ( Rec. by Stolwyk ).
E/T: <  >   The Society of Technical Analysts, NZ inc. This society meets regularly and meetings are addressed by well known speakers. The site als lists a number of recommended books.
E/T: < >  Learning technical analysis, trading terms and the interpretation of charts. A top site! ( Rec. by Phaedrus )
F/T: < Rates funds/trusts and has a massive data base ( Rec. by T. Haddon ).
F/T: < >  Rates the dominant 1830 of the international unit- and investment trusts with up to five year's performance. Data can be rearranged to extract other comparisons. Top site! ( Rec. by Stolwyk ).
G: < >  Companies' office: Business unit in the Ministry of Economic Development
G: < >   Statistics, NZ.
G: < >    Reserve Bank, NZ.
G: < > Lists of acts in the GP Legislation collections. It includes Hansard. The private company collecting this Govt. data is owned by two former librarians. Good site!
SE: < >  The NZSE. This site provides information to the investor.
SE: < > Important Graphs: NZSE 40 Capital Index, years 1967 - 2001. Also, NZSE Capital - and  Gross Indices, years 1994 - 2001. ( Preparation and comment by Phaedrus ).
SE: < > The NZSE Debt Market. Govt. and other securites; interest rates and yields. ( Rec. by N. Kearney ).
SE: <  The Australian SE.
SE: < >   The New York SE.
SE: < >  The Nasdaq.
SE: < >  The London SE.
SH: < >  The site of NAIC: National Association of Investors Corporation ( US ). ( Rec. by Stolwyk ).
SH: < > Australian Shareholders' Association.
SR: < >  The Computershare share registrar.
SR: < >  The Perpetual share registrar. 
UK: <  >  Listing of companies of the FTSE 100, Nasdaq 100, S&P500, DOW and European SE's.
Research in the companies of these SE's. Funds and Finance. News and information on English and Scottish football clubs. Powerful site!  ( Rec. by D. Hawthorne ).
UK: < >  Has links to several good sites: ADVFN advertizes real-time prices.
Links to all of the world's SE's and others. ( Rec. by M. Hudson ). 
UK: <  > List of UK stockbrokers, online brokers. FTSE quotes and charts. Market news. Features conferences and calender. Institutes and Authorities. ( Rec. by M. Hudson ).
UK: < > Financial news from several leading leading UK newspapers covering a period of 30 days, on a day by day basis. ( Rec. by DR ).
UK: < >  Hot financial news, "5 to 10 minutes old "and in steps down to  "2 to 4 hrs old" and it covers previous days as well. It features a drop-down box: "The news this week", and discusses a number of topics. ( Rec. by DR ).
UK: < > Real time pricing and valuable analysis tools eg. Intraday trading graph with margin overlay graph and volumes reported by the minute. Register first. Top site! ( Rec. by M.Hudson ).  
UK: < > In depth Broker Reports. Important site. ( Rec. by DR ). 
UK: < > Alphabetical list of Regulatory News Service ( RNS)  UK Company Announcements. Valuable site! ( Rec. by DR ).
UK: < > Direct online links to over 3000 Company Annual reports from Europe, USA and Asia. Carol keeps adding to that number! ( Rec. by DR ).  
UK: < >  OFEX site for aspiring small companies. Registration needed. ( Rec. by DR ).
UK: < > TA site. Charts of - and comments on LSE companies. Buy and sell signals given on corporates. A treasure chest! ( Rec. by DR ).
US:  < > Morgan Stanley Capital International Inc. The MSCI Indices are the most widely used benchmarks by global portfolio managers. These are regularly updated ( Rec. by Stolwyk ). 
US: < > Finance, Markets. ( Rec. by Nick Kearney ).
US: < < >   Record of daily historical Dow and Nasdaq readings. Quotes, charts, company announcements, chat sites ( Rec. by Stolwyk ). 
US: < > Quotes, charts, news, stock screener. List of Brokers, Education, Bonds. All major exchanges. ( Rec. by Christian Mair ).
US< > Good Chat site. ( Rec. by Christian Mair ).
US: < > Chat site. Massive array of Message Boards. Brief investment guide. ( Rec. by the "Intelligent Investing Team" ).
US: < > Massive Stock Forum ( 32 mill. postings ). Stock advice, research and market statistics. ( Rec. by Christian Mair ).
US: < > Links to Business and Finance. ( Rec. by Paul Taylor ). 
US: < > Charts, Company profiles and Annual Reports. Good site! ( Rec. by Christian Mair ).
US: <  Charts. Unique Stock screener that can screen for TA signals. Specifically:- 30 indicator signals, 18 specific Candlestick patterns and 17 Point and Figure alerts. All free! If you subscribe (About $US 14 - $US 20/month), you can set up your own screens, and access a lot more functions. Comment By Phaedrus. ( Rec. by Christian Mair ).
US: < > US Charts, quotes, research, stockscreener. ( Rec. by Phaedrus).
US: < > Scoring of Companies by W. Buffet's method, Mot. Fool's  Foolish 8  and NAIC methods. Analyst's ratings, research, quotes and stock screener. Quality site! ( Rec. by David Hawthorne ).
US: > Quotes, news, Analyst's reports and recommendations, ratings, stockscreener and more. ( Rec. by Phaedrus ). 
US: < > Valuation of stocks. Not always free. This site has been included as some novel valuation methods have been used. ( Rec. by David Hawthorne ) 
US: < > Revenues and profiles of the biggest Fortune Global 500, US 500, 1000 and 1500 companies.
( Rec. by P.Maiden ).
US: < > Powerful Biotech / Biomedical site. Enter: "NEWS" in the search box and click on "GO". Many other sites as well ( Rec. by Mystic ).
US: < > Although the introduction of subscription has somewhat diminished the importance, there are still a lot of useful features eg. click on " Companies" and you will find links to them. Click on "Clinical Development" and search by Company or Drug.
AU: < >  Australian and NZSE share prices and sales; company announcements, Australian    Market Depth data. Past Company news. A 'must have' site! ( Rec. by Stolwyk ). 
AU: < > Stock research, Quotes, online brokerage fees, charts, fundamentals, financial glossary, education. ( Rec. by Phaedrus ).
AU: < >  ( Click on ' News and views ' ). Australian company news and comment being updated as trading
     proceeds. Note the important NAB or ANZ forecasts made from time to time. Chat site ( Rec. by Stolwyk ).
AU: < > Good quality Forum, 'Big Book': Upcoming floats, Dividends declared. ( Rec. by P. Maiden ).
AU< > Charts, new powerful Stock Screens. Free online charting software - 50 indicators. Tutorials. ( Rec. by Revhead ).
AU: < > Australian Company profiles, advanced charts and active message boards ( Rec. by Stolwyk ).
AU: < > Free Live Quotes and Company Announcements. Personalise a Watchlist to track selected stocks.
Get company announcement alerts for your Watchlist stocks. Get email alerts when your Watchlist stocks hit highs and lows. Charts and indices. ( Rec. by Stolwyk ).
AU: < > Australian prices, company balance sheets, announcements and commentary, historical financials. Stockscreener, based on fundamentals. It assigns ratings: Click on "Finder" - top tool bar. Top site! Most info can be obtained without registration! ( Rec. by P. Maiden).
AU: < >   Online trading prices charged by Australian brokers.( Rec. by B. Byork ).
AU/ NZ: < >   Share prices of NZ and Australian stocks including those of little known stocks. The shares are arranged in alphabetical order. Armstrong Jones Unit trusts.
NZ:  < > At left is the Side tool bar: Click on the tab: ' Education'; This has links to the 'First Steps' and ' Learning To Invest ' series and other subjects. Sharechat has a Forum and Message Boards and offers many other servicesThe Focus Investing Group ( FIG ), uses one of the message boards. 
NZ:  < > "The New Zealand Unlisted Market": Companies and Registered Office Addresses, Directors. Web sites, news and educational content. Excellent site! ( Rec. by SCOTTY ).
S:  <  >  Design your own greeting cards. (Rec. by Csqcarol).
Disclaimer: All data subject to confirmation.
Acknowledgement: I want to thank the contributors who gave this information to the Forum.
Gerry Stolwyk. 

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