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[sharechat] Dont read whats not been written

From: "Morgy" <>
Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2002 23:53:20 +1200


Why dont you actually read what was written in the email in context rather
than applying spin to it.

If charting wasnt beneficial in some form, why do they show charts of
markets in every single business programme & on the TV news ? . There is a
universal need to visualise information so that it can confirm what we think
we know or have it broen down into relevant bits that are comprehensible to
the visual sphere of our minds.
We are fundamentally a visual society.
In my humble opinion, when I look at a chart I visually see  what interested
investors think of the fundamentals of a company or as snoopy said last week
"At any given time a share price is reflecting conditions 2 to 5 years into
the future" .
The chart displays this visually for you to interpret. If you think a
company is a good quality company but the share price has been trending
downward from say  5.50 to 3.50 over a 12 month period, isnt that telling
you that someone knows something that you dont? or you know something that
other people dont or is it merely a reflection of our herd instincts to
follow the crowd & seek the action at the "next best thing".
The chart therefore is a visual snapshot of the collective sentiment at that
moment, Interpret as you wish but please dont ignore one of the core human
sensory perceptions.



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From: "enrique lopez" <>
To: <>
Sent: Monday, March 25, 2002 4:25 PM
Subject: [sharechat] INL sell

> Phaedrus, The masses have not been selling out of INL as you advised them
> do so. There may also be an embarrassing possibility that the share price
> may rise over the next few weeks due to an insto having to fill a big
> buyer's order and faced with few large sellers. But I guess the charts
> have told you all that before you hollered "sell" over the weekend!
> Cheers,
> EL
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