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Re: [sharechat] Indranet

From: "Jeremy" <>
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2002 09:23:37 +0800

> I see that IndraNet Technologies are doing another public money raising.
> Still developing, not yet even funding the roll out of their technology. I
> dismissed this firm three years ago when they first went to the public for
> money. Has anybody following them currently got any thoughts??

I had a close look at them a year or two ago.

In my personal opinion they have a very small amount of technology that is
not unique in any way.  They cloud it up in a welter of techno-baffle that
appears to be directed primarily at naive mums'n'dads investors.

Other organizations have done significant parts of what they say they will
do - for instance the distributed networking trial in Cardiff by BT has very
strong overlaps, but is actual realised technology

I strongly recommend running very fast in the other direction from this
company.  Their approach to getting money clearly targets uncritical
investors.  This is a very bad sign.


Disclosure : My current business is provision of computer networking using
wireless technology including distributed wireless networks.  I am not an
OEM and have no business conflict with Indranet.

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