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[sharechat] thl - and exit strategies

From: Jefley Aitken <>
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 10:27:59 +1300

gosh, i love this forum -- the stuff one learns!

thl's crappy result is providing the best entertainment on the depth tables 
that i've ever followed!  at one stage i caught a glimpse of a buyer for 
200k at 80 cents -- and s/he was the fourth and final buyer on the list. 
 last look showed buys of 82k from $1.06 to 0.98, and 59k sells from 110 to 
120 cents.

what's even better is that i half learned some lessons that wise people 
offer on this forum and sold 2/3 of my thl holding at $1.31 a few weeks ago 
because i didn't like the look of the chart indicators.

now i'm wondering why on earth i didn't toss the lot.  i guess the answer 
is that this stock has cost me heaps (bought nearly 3 years ago) and i 
still believe in the industry (and the tooth fairy and easter bunny), and 
my nerves seem to have survived the oscillations so far.  now i'll apply 
myself to the issue whether this is a good (?) trading stock.  any help?
regards, jefley.

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