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Re: [sharechat] Technical vs fundamentals-personal experience.

From: hugh webber <>
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 21:37:22 +1300

hmmm, don't really see how a fundamentalist could have held Air NZ, 
particularly after reading
Buffettology and reading a certain appendix.
After I became a fundamentalist I sold out at the first opportunity which was 
luckily $3.40.....  

Just because a share has a low p/e and a high gross dividend doesn't mean its a 
good fundamental stock - that's only just the start of the research...

I always read down the p/e's and the gross yield %'s and try to explain the low 
and high gross yield % in terms of what I know....and if I can't then I do some 
research....and if I still can't then I become very long as 
its not a commodity
stock....good list in the certain appendix....including airlines......and 
there's a definition that
can be applied.

On the basis of what you've said I'd say you were never a fundamentalist or 
value investor but good
luck anyway....its all a series of steps to enlightenment and there's some way 
to go....

I think an investor has to understand what value investment is before they 
lightly claim to be one.
I started investing in the sharemarket in 1978 but I wouldn't claim to have 
become a value investor
until about 3 years its not just a matter of time and 'experience'.

The book Jonathan Livingston Seagull is a good parallel psychologically....good 
book that.


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