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[sharechat] Lion selection group

From: Jefley Aitken <>
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2002 10:12:15 +1300

nick rathel:  don't be such a grump!  the phaedrus comments on market depth 
were the first i've seen on this forum, and i found them jolly useful as a 
learning example.

any, and all, ways of evaluating the state of a share are surely welcomed, 
and people who are trying to learn ways of actively rearranging their 
investments over short periods find such things fascinating, and usually 
valuable.  i spent early january trying to learn new procedures (for me) 
involving technical analysis --having chosen the shares to be investigated 
according to their fundamentals -- and i had a lot of fun!!  (and even made 
a little bit of money).

i know absolutely nothing about lsg, but if i were a holder, i would be 
grateful for cautionary opinions, regardless of how they were derived. 
 meanwhile, i hope they are successful for you.

phaedrus: welcome back -- i missed your input on my "any bored chartists?" 
thread in early january.
cheers, jefley.

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