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Re: [sharechat] SSH/RBC

From: "Mike Hudson" <>
Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2001 12:42:19 +1300

Nick wrote
"Hi team

I see that RBC have posted a SSH notice.

I can never understand these as I read them.

Can someone please explain whether Tower have increased their holding to
5.1% or decreased it from 5.1% to 3%."
The SS notice says
Total of Interest     : 14311191
Total Issued : 279021170
Total %               : 5.129

Class                 : RBC
Votes Attached        : 1

   Total of Interest  : 4774686
   Current % held     : 1.711
   Last % held        :

Non Beneficial
   Total of Interest  : 9536505
   Current % held     : 3.418
   Last % held        :
As the last held interest for both the beneficial and non beneficial was not stated it was either nil or under 5% (I am not sure of the reporting requirements here). Either way they have increased their holdings
Mike H 

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