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Re: [sharechat] Consistent Profit Agenda

Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001 23:19:14 GMT

yep....i agree

Intelligent Investing Team writes:

> Morning everybody,
> The one thing that I don't understand is that some of you seem to have an 
>opinion that technical investing will always make huge profits. Or at least 
>that is what you think that new and existing traders seem to think.
> I do not remember ever seeing a post where someone has claimed that you will 
>always make extraordinary profits from trading. I think that your opinion has 
>been clouded (and with good reason) by some of the claims made by large 
>companies selling automatic trading systems.
> Technical or fundamental, the aim is the same. To make consistent profits 
>each month or year. Where is it written that technicals will perform better. 
>This just isn't the case. I'll say it one more time. Different people suit 
>different methods. And not surprisingly, return is usually directly 
>proportional to effort. 
> You wont make money long term having a quick glance at the business pages 
>once a month, and you wont make money trading if you rely on tip sheets and 
>automatic systems.
> Nick, you summed it up in your last post...
> "...Trading is a very tough Business, the vast majority survive less than a 
> This is absolutely true. and the reason people fail, is because they have not 
>had access to independent and affordable services to help them become safe and 
>educated. Up until recently, if you wanted to learn about trading, you had to 
>take the biased (BS) opinion of a salesperson, and sink $1000's into a system.
> It is forums like this, and the generosity of members like Phedorus that now 
>means that people can become educated and empowered to consume services only 
>when they need them. Lets get off our respective soap boxes and see if we 
>can't help each other out. There is enormous value in combining sound 
>fundamentals with technical entry and exit points. 
> Perhaps we can all use our complimentary skills to focus on the job of making 
>consistent, reasonable, and achievable profits.
> Regards 
> Nick McCaw

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