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[sharechat] Sheer Bliss (slightly off topic)

From: "Sproul Family" <>
Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2001 20:10:04 +1300

Some time ago I mentioned on this forum my dis-satisfaction with a certain internet service.
Thank you to the people who replied with their opinions, and today finally I changed to WAVE.
My main concern  was that after 5PM the other service became agonisingly slow , ditto on weekends. The other night I read two Company Annual Reports just between mouse clicks
I am pleased to advise that  WAVE , after 5PM, appears to be at least 15 times faster ( I am not joking)  dialling up and moving around websites than ****
I have  already received  an email from WAVE   this afternoon,  saying that there  will be short early morning (6AM) outages over the next few days  while bandwidth upgrades are carried out in Auckland, Rotorua , and also while a significant increase in their  international  bandwidth is installed !!
So far so good.
DISCL . not employed by or have any connection with Wave
FN:David Sproul


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