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Re: [sharechat] SKC share split

From: "Peter" <>
Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2001 19:52:33 +1300

Christian - an interesting article. It is always interesting what was said some time ago. Looking back the price moved up strongly pre the split and there was another burst shortly after the split. Did the price move up pre-split on the good INL result? or because of an impending split? or a combination of both?
What do you think will happen with the SKC shares in the next few weeks? Going to have another go like you obviously did with INL.
Those investors who found that they could afford INL shares (post split at the lower price) probably paid in excess of $4.00 for them (unless they got in very quick on the first day). Looking at the price of INL today I wonder if they think it was such a great decision. 
And I wonder if Frank still agrees with these statements -

Because of the Baycorp's case, analysts have expressed doubt whether Rupert Murdoch and Mike Robson can keep the INL price affordable in the long term for the average investor. The Sunday Star Times today said this would need to be a fine art "given that INL is performing almost too well for its own good"

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