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[sharechat] Gerry

From: "Ted" <>
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2001 09:14:49 +1300

Whilst courtesy should always be a mandatory in life, having half of the messages here as 'Thanks' gets a little much.
I, as I'm sure everybody who reads here, appreciate Phraedus's insights and charts which provide information which we would not otherwise have.
Gerry your informational posts are also appreciated but I don't feel anyone should be acting schoolteacher here and telling someone they are doing too much. Have you been told to lighten up and not wear yourself out? If you were how would you feel?
My feeling is that Phraedus enjoys providing the information to all when he can, and that he is smart enought to be able to say no if he wishes. Don't forget that 'thanks' can be sent directly and not posted for the world to see.
To you Phraedus - Thanks and I'm sure whatever you do provide will be very much appreciated by all and will not become an expectation.

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