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Re: [sharechat] Noise obscuring message

From: "Phyllis Bergquist" <>
Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2001 14:14:04 +1200

Dear Marilyn
We need to be presented with views - don't have to agree just pull into the equation.   Participants in more isolated situations are grateful to all of your opinions.   The AirNZ fiasco should not need taxpayer rescue as  we should all take on responsibility for our own decisions.  Perhaps this is an appropriate time to look at the success of Boards and examine the makeup.
I really enjoy the conversations - to be honest just follow those on the companies in which I am interested.
Thank you one and all for your contributions.   
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Sent: Thursday, September 27, 2001 1:52 PM
Subject: [sharechat] Noise obscuring message

G Stolwyk wrote;

Lest some forget, this is not a party-political Forum

I have used some forthright language in recent posts, in particular name calling the prime minister. To do so was rude and I wish to take this opportunity to apologize to her.

My reason for using this forum to make what some would describe as a political argument and using intemperate language  is because of my worry that the Govt. will use your and my money (N Z Taxpayers) to support the shareholders of Air N Z. This in my opinion is an inappropriate use of public money. The money could be better spent on, schools, hospitals, or a myriad of other public services which are crying out for money.

Given the long term financial performance of the aviation industry in general it is unlikely that we would get our money back.

A further concern is the comfort such assistance would give to the boards other struggling "strategic" businesses such as Transrail.

I suspect that the prime ministers natural instincts are to wade in and fix it. I would ask her to resist such instincts as it is likely such fixes would not ultimately resolve the problem and also expose tax payers to financial hazards.

I have not objection to the Govt. taking short term measures such as statutory management to keep the planes flying, but it is not the function of Govts. to be lenders of last resort to boards of companies that back slow horses at long odds.

If others think that I have used this forum as a political soap box I'm, sorry but seek your indulgence.

Boop-boop-de-do Marilyn

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