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Re: [sharechat] Free USA charting

From: jesse <>
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2001 08:58:54 +1200

Hi Phaedrus
no offence taken.
rule number 1. never assume.
yeah, aware US times. I should be, I've been daytrading US stocks for
over 5 years, getting up all hours etc etc. What made you think that I
didnt have a broker account when I didnt mention it? I use E*Trade for
my longs and A.B Wately for daytrading. Wately is not web based, its a
direct data feed to my hard drive so I dont need abrowser open, just a

I was just checking out your info. My point is simply that the data is
not live. Infact, for Nokia (NOK) anyway, which I was trading earlier
this morning, the intra day data supplied by Meta  was
one day old. I was staring at my live chart on Wately, and just happened
to look at the other chart...thought...what is this?? If you know of any
genuine live charts, free, of US stocks, I'd like to know. Just curious.
Live, as in tick by tick. Free, mind!! Anyway, good chatting to ya
Phaedrus. Are you daytrading? Chat with you later. I'm out looking for a
ne 'puter. Gotta go.

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