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Re: [sharechat] Re: - tech analysis

From: jesse <>
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2001 08:41:05 +1200

Hello Hugh
You can still make money using tech analysis even if you think it's
rubbish. If it has the following as it does in US (probably not strong
enough in NZ) then some people use tech indicators, not because they
believe in it, but because they know it has the following to move a
stock on say, support or resistance levels.

Value analysis, or any other prediction,  is made worthless with such a
loose time frame as you suggest. I could apply that to tech analysis
equally well.

I use fund and tech analysis, whichever I believe is more likely to work
in a given situation. What I find strange is that,  rather than take the
best from both methods, people prefer to stick to one only, at the total
expense of the other. Kinda like those who only buy stocks hoping they
go up, when they know stocks go both ways, but never go near a short
trade. To me, its like trying to win the battle with only half the
available weapons.

anyway, back to the front....

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