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Re: Re: [sharechat] Commsoft - Gerry and Co.

From: "G Stolwyk" <>
Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2001 14:01:43 +1200

I was told a while ago that Telemedia needed cash but I did not want to be the messenger spoiling the fun!
It is also difficult to confirm a rumour! 
Also, I don't want to comment on everything said on the forum and monopolise that medium. 
There are at least 4 problems to consider by the investor:
1.Many of these little companies are running short of cash, the banks won't give them any.
2. As share prices decline, staff will be renegotiating options; they want cash instead. This increases expenditure.
3.The best staff will now be looking to join the remaining top firms for safety reasons and the poorer companies will be depleted.
4. Some investors hope that an  E.W. is going to list another company through their penny- dreadfull company and make them millions.
Unfortunately, there are too many of these belly up companies and there will be more coming in this bear market.
Money will be tight and sellers of businesses want cash, not shares @ 25 cents, worth 15 cents later on. And E.W. knows that!  

I normally don't discuss these companies, profits are too much of a hit or miss affair. Leave it to the traders who seem to have bottomless pockets!
If people can have all the excitement from the rises and falls of this type of investment ( mainly falls ), I for one, won't try to stop them from having fun!
RIL' s comments make a lot of sense at times, I think.
Pity, most people over there are virtual prisoners because of the f.and m. One would miss the open and wide vistas in NZ !!
The only alternative left is to drink plenty of those highly regarded NZ wines, RIL!

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