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From: "G Stolwyk" <>
Date: Sun, 28 Jan 2001 20:29:48 +1300

Let us start with the finantial newsletters which are sent to the clients. Often these arrive too late; however, they can be useful as a record.
H: This could turn into an advantage: the recommended shares have fallen back in the meantime!!
G: My posts of Dec.21 ( analysts ) and Dec.23, also Dec 26 ( brokers / advisors ), are very relevant in this context. 
The client should follow through with research ( reports on websites, discussion on / asking advice from this forum ).    
H: Yes, everything needs to be checked out: It is your money you are spending! 
G: A broker may contact you with a proposition; if it sounds good, then it may still pay to let him know that you want some time to think about it. 
You can do some quick research and / or ask for advice.
H: If it is a new float then it pays to get a prospectus beforehand, if you can!
G: As the larger companies disappear it can be difficult for some brokers to make ends meet.
Beware of 'churning. It may not often occur but "Make haste slowly" is always good advice when making an investment!! 
H: With regard to newspapers, sharemarket data tend to refer to the past and can also be unreliable: P/E  and  Div. yields are some of these!
G: That does not worry me as I do additional research.
I use brokers' data as a reference in addition to reports / news taken from the companies' websites. And I don't believe everything I read!
H: Sometimes, I pick the shares ahead of any brokers' selections and do my own work, including predictions: " LAC and LACO......." of Nov. 27, 2000, are examples. 
G: The homepage of Sharechat lists a very good selection of newspapers including  Friday afternoon's NBR.
< > is a good reference site.
The 'New York Times' updates throughout the day and is my favorite website to cover US trading. It has some top writers. 
H: I checked chatting sites but they lack the investigative content which Sharechat has.
The investor can also look at the various features eg. Education and NetBroker on this site.
G: Other sites: < > and  < > are also useful; you can create shortcuts to the desktop if so wanted. 

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