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[sharechat] LEARNING TO INVEST: The adventures of a dr. Crash (1)

From: "G Stolwyk" <>
Date: Sun, 31 Dec 2000 00:46:21 +1300

You have an accent, where are you from?
H: I am from Cloud Cuckoo Land, a country where 'everything' is possible!
For starters, the governments managed to sell off a lot of firms to foreigners at very good prices! ( They think )
G: You must have very shrewd governments ! 
H: Definitely: You know a government can be a reflection of the people or it can be the the lowest common denominator. The ability of our governments is rated half way!
G: Oh, 50%?; what an achievement! Did I hear one government went one better? 
H: Yes, they thought that they could more efficiently  steer the Ship of State by throwing away the rudder !!!
G: How exciting !! You never have a dull moment!
H: I suppose, we have to give our newspapers something to write about.
We like foreigners using us as guinea pigs for their new technology and we do have some fond memories of these experiments!!
G: I hear that your government is going to do some Japanese backed research on a sea mammal. Is that wise?
I assume that the Japanese will use it as publicity at home and abroad. That should counteract some bad publicity they have been getting lately!
H: Our governments like to make decisions quickly. They think that any decision is better than none! Why should they think when they pay consultants to do that!  
G: Now, that is some lateral thinking!
It was put to me that some of the leaders of your country suffer from attention deficit disorder! 
And that many tend to be re-active when they ought to be pro-active
H: We can always blame the ozone layer!
G: By the way, I want to visit your country soon. What papers do I need ? 
H: My boy, none. Just claim that you are a refugee! We are also strong believers in family reunification.
G: But I have 10 kids, my old parents and others! I don't think that they are going to contribute much.
Can your social security system cope with this?
H: No problem; we are a rich country and we want to close the gaps in the whole world!!  Our poor will just have to make do with less!
By the way, a lot of poverty is caused by the many overstayers being housed and fed by their relations!!  
G: Did you say that you were from ' Alice in wonder land? ' 
H: Somebody is knocking on the door. Oh, it is dr. Crash, a financial consultant and a friend of mine. 
G: Please invite him in!
( to be cont.)                                                                                                                                          

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