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[sharechat] Holiday Reading @ ShareChat

From: "Ben Dutton" <>
Date: Fri, 29 Dec 2000 11:22:17 +1300

Hi Everyone,

As the New Year break draws closer there may be some free-time for many of
you to sit back, relax and maybe even get some of that research done on
companies that you've been wanting to do all year long!

Remember, ShareChat is an excellent source of information for NZSE and
unlisted companies.  Here's a run-down on what's archived on the site, so if
you do have some time on your hands, you can use ShareChat as your
information resource.

1)  The Search Engine
Any searches on companies should start here:

Type in the relevant key words, press Search and voila!  Every document on
the ShareChat website that contains those words will come up in the search.

2)  The Forum
One of the most popular features of the ShareChat website, every message
that's ever been sent to the Forum since August 1999 is archived here:

Check out what people have been talking about in the past - there is a
mountain of information in the Forum and there are many valuable nuggets to

3)  ShareChat News
We started our own news service in June this year, and all articles are
archived here:

Please note it takes a while for the page to download - there are quite a
few articles to read!

4)  NBR Personal Investor
In February this year, we started to carry content from New Zealand's number
one business weekly, the National Business Review.  All of these articles
are archived on ShareChat and can be accessed here:

Once again, there is a wealth of information to go through - it's always
interesting to see what some companies were up to earlier in the year.

5)  Unlimited Magazine
Unlimited is New Zealand's best monthly business magazine, a cross between
Fortune and Fast Company, but with a distinctly New Zealand style.  Every
month, ShareChat carries selected articles from Unlimited, and they too are
available for you to go through in the Unlimited archive:

6)  Other Interesting Reading
Includes Stocktake, the Investor Column, the Education section, Q&A sessions
with company CEO's and more.  Remember to check out the homepage left-hand
navigation bar for all the links

7)  The Market Data Centre
Located at NetBroker:

The MDC has historical announcements, charts, information and more on each
NZSE listed company.  It's an excellent way to see the trends of companies,
what their P/E ratio is, market capitalisation etc.

So there you have it, a brief overview of the ShareChat website and some of
the resources it offers.  Enjoy the holiday's!

Best Regards

The ShareChat Team

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