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Re: [sharechat] DF Mainland's Report on E-Force

From: "hugh webber" <>
Date: Fri, 29 Dec 2000 08:05:12 +1300

hmmm, I wouldn't be surprised if Hanifi Wongso was
no longer there....
How could Hanifi get it so Wong?
Actually it sounds like a made up name; Hanifi is 
Pakistani but Wongso doesn't sound Pakistani
(on the strength of 2 weeks in Karachi) or anything

I would say the lesson is stick to shares with good
fundamentals, good ratios, good management and 
directors and leave the flying pigs etc to outer space...

I was wondering what happened when your tip on Comm
Soft went soft but I was trying to be tactful and
not say, I didn't buy any thanks all the same.


PS Read a very good article in the Economist of 16 Dec
on why all the telecoms around the world are going down 
the gurgler. It seems that commodisation of their output
(fierce competition amongst a lot of players and undifferentiated
products) has set in together with massive overcapacity
in the industry, over borrowing on a grand scale, grandiose
projects which turn out to be unprofitable and that the only way to
survive is to concentrate narrowly on one product (like Vodafone)
and that Telecom should split itself up.
The TCM rise yesterday seems like a dead cat bounce while
NZ investors are still waking up to the realities of the telecoms world.

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