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[sharechat] FFS saga.

From: Brian Gale <>
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000 12:57:59 +1300

With the rights now at 0.2 cents - not even worth selling - brokerage would 
absorb that.

The question now for unfortunates like me is what to do ?  The only 
advantage with taking up the rights as opposed to buying shares at the same 
price is the brokerage.

With the unknown outcome of the CRITIC and  Bank Loan factors the 
over-riding question is whether it is prudent to get deeper into this sorry 
mess. Obviously funds from the share issue will have to be used to help 
sort out the loan question, the unknown is how much and where that will 
leave the future prospects of the Company.

  There is underlying strength and 25cents could be cheap,  if the above 
factors are sorted out - only time will tell.

Comments please.


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