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Re: [sharechat] sharechat live chat

From: Will Bryant <>
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2000 22:29:04 +1300

>i was faced with a small rectangle a bit like the an email address line, so
>wrote something, and then clicked a button at the end of the line -- i
You're half way there, just click in that box at the bottom, type your 
sentence, and then you hit the Enter key.  You'll see it pop up in the main 
window, which you can think of as the transcript of the chat going on since 
you joined.

>think there was a 'B' on it.  waited for a bit, nothing changed, ran
(The 'B' button makes it bold (you can also change the color etc.).)

>please could somebody tell me (in simple terms) what goes on and how a chat
>room works.
Basically when you join the 'channel', as the place where we have the live 
chat is called, you will see what everyone else is saying, marked with the 
name that they chose, so for example during the Newcall Q&A you might have 

Chris_T: What is the significance of the announcement on Friday afternoon.

NEWCALL: No significance, a reorganisation of the CTW Holdings in NEWCALL.

Risk: Do you think the current share price accurately reflects NEWCALL'S 
value at present? And why?

NEWCALL: No! Please refer to recent analysts reports which show the price 
in the range of 45-60 which we agree with. Current market sentiment 
internationally seems to be not favouring telcos, possibly because of the 
ridiculous prices paid for cellular licence, particularly in Europe.

Where Chris_T, NEWCALL, and Risk are the names of 3 people chatting.  You 
can see a list of the others in the channel in the list at the right of the 
chat applet - '@Sharechat' is just our automated server that looks after 
things (it's always there), but anyone else is a real person.

If you want to say something, as above, you just click in the little 
rectangular box at the bottom (to the left of the B), type what you want to 
say, and hit enter, and away it goes.

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ShareChat Ltd. technical manager  
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