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Re: [sharechat] WRI

From: "" <>
Date: Sun, 29 Oct 2000 23:33:50 +0000

>I must admit that I was rather ' tongue in cheek' when I
>looked at the number of executives earning over $100k but
> some of these are on a commission basis.
Sure.  I understand that if you got a 5% commission on a $500,000 
farm sale it wouldn't take too many farm sales and you would be 
earning $100,000 plus.
>With ' hawk eyes ' like Ruth Richardson and
>Alan Gibbs on the board  
Tony Gibbs :-)
>It would be interesting to know what the 60 actually
>do !  
Agreed.  I am only going on th, as to what these 60 high earners do.
>But again you can't run an organization without people of the
> right calibre who need to be paid well if they are to be retained.
But as Gareth Morgan said, they also need to *preform* if they are 
going to be retained.  If they aren't preforming they are clearly not 
the international class managers they claim to be and should not be 
paid as such.
>Just chopping staff seems to be rather simplistic to me.
Sure.  Maybe those staffing levels are justified, and all companies 
are different in their requirements.  But when one company has a 
high paid staffing level *twice* that of a similar company in the 
same industry then I think it is fair to ask questions. SNOOPY

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